Global Channel Settings

Global settings allow you to set an alert, filter or action once and not worry about it any more. Voot will monitor all the comments and then filter profanity, block malicious users or alert you to activities you want to know about. It’s like having your own 24/7/365 set of eyes and ears watching all of your videos.


Voot can alert you when any of your key audience members are commenting on your videos. We can also let you know when certain keywords show up in comments. This way you can be there to engage with your core audience on the topics that matter most – right when the conversation is happening.


Voot can filter out certain keywords that are irrelevant or offensive so the conversation stays on topic and your audience doesn’t have to deal with rude, offensive or belligerent trolls.

Block Profanity

Block it all, block some or let it flow, the choice is yours now. Voot can block the profane words that you don’t want to have on your channels or related to your videos, brand or company. This keeps the conversation flowing in the direction that you—and your audience—want it to.

Monitor All

Keep track of everything all in one place. Simply load your videos into Voot and we’ll monitor everything for you. So, you can focus on doing what you love most–making great content and engaging with your core audience.


Voot can block comment trolls who come unwanted into video comments just to be rude or offensive. We are the best bouncer on YouTube. Tell us who is the problem and they will not bother your audience any more.

Delete Immediately

Not only can Voot immediately delete comments based on keywords or profanity, but also, it allows you to delete comments or users that you don’t want in the conversation.


While you’re monitoring all your comments you may want to get in on the conversations. Voot allows you to post comments in response to your viewers directly from the Voot interface. No need to jump back and forth between Voot and YouTube.