Get More Views

No matter what your goal is on YouTube, whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a YouTube entrepreneur, it all starts with views. YouTube boasts a billion unique monthly users and has attracted many publishers who pump over a decade’s worth of content into YouTube every day. Competition for views is fierce. Voot is the video analytics tool that gives you easy access to the information you need to drive views on your channel.

Get Past The Trees And See The Forest

Voot gets you the answers to the right questions providing the information you need to compete for views. Get clear answers to why your videos are not getting better visibility: Where do your videos rank in YouTube search for specific keywords? How can I get more organic views? How are your rankings trending against competing channels and videos over time? How is your velocity trending over time, how much more is needed? What mix of engagement types are needed? What is the general sentiment toward your videos?

Upgrade To More Hours In A Day

Well, it’ll sure feel like it. Voot’s automation frees up time allowing you to focus on pushing your videos higher rather than spending countless hours every week trying to track so much information by hand in spreadsheet hell. Voot will automatically track and trend performance, engagement and keyword data for your videos as well as competitors’ videos.

All Comments Managed In One Place

Just added! Now you can track, manage, delete and respond to all comments on all your videos from just one spot. This means better engagement with your audience, which is why we made this in the first place, right?

All Your YouTube Data In One Place

Voot automatically captures YouTube video performance, engagement and keyword data and aggregates it into a mounting historical record through a single reporting interface. Only Voot provides historical video data aggregation and comparison tracking for all video performance data. This level of reporting is not available from YouTube or a third party.

Real Time Flow Keeps You Moving...Up

Voot dynamically interfaces with YouTube’s real-time activity, giving access to a video’s data arsenal: comments, likes/dislikes, favorites, view velocity, and importantly, we added the ability to track keyword performance and monitor and filter comments. Now, all the essential information and tools needed to help you make your videos soar on YouTube are at your fingertips.

Spot And Respond To Trends Faster

Voot’s data allows for the easy spotting of search and video engagement trends—what’s over-performing, what’s under-performing—providing the ability to be fully informed when making decisions on how to best fine-tune videos for maximum engagement and search visibility.

Keep An Eye (Or A Hundred) On The Competition

You’ll also be able to compare your videos' search rankings and performance- engagement data against competing videos for your keywords. There are no limitations as to what public YouTube videos can be tracked. Use Voot to track competing videos to gain insights on what it takes to gain their respective levels of visibility.