All your analytics, all in one place.

Voot is the only analytics tool that tracks and trends YouTube video performance, engagement data, video comments and even search performance. All in one place.


Know thine keywords.

Voot is the only video analytics tool that allows you to track how your videos rank for specific keyword searches.


Monitor and manage comments.

Voot allows you to monitor, filter, respond to, block and delete comments on all your videos.

Easy To Start

Voot will automatically fetch all view, engagement and search ranking information (if you chose to provide keywords) for any video from any YouTube channel you specify every day.

Channel URLs

Enter a channel URL and then quickly choose all or some videos to track.


Video URLs

Enter a video URL to quickly choose a specific video to track. 


Search Pages

Enter search keywords, tie them to videos and then monitor the videos' placement in the search results (up to the top 100 results).


Spreadsheet Hell Import

We've been there. You've already been tracking a bunch of videos, engagement and keyword data for months (or longer) and you don't want to lose your historical data. No worries.